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I went to the movies last night with Cameron. We were originally going to see Sisters, but he said the tickets were sold out for it, so we decided to see Joy instead. (We went to the Majestic where you pick out your seats ahead of time so he bought the tickets online and I paid him for my ticket). When he was using the machine to get the tickets, three tickets popped out and I made a comment about that and he said one was probably the receipt, but when he gave me my ticket and picked up the other two, he noticed one said “Star Wars” on it and wondered out loud why it said that. I told him my ticket said “Joy.” A lady nearby us told him that must be hers because she had been printing out tickets at that same machine right before Cameron and didn’t have the number she needed. Good thing she counted her tickets and stayed by the machine!

The movie was really good although some idiot FELL ASLEEP during it. I don’t care if someone falls asleep during a movie, but it was the LOUD SNORING that was quite rude! And his (I’m assuming it was a guy because, c’mon! Who else would snore?) friends around him were all giggling and laughing. This was going on for a good fifteen minutes! Either he woke up himself or someone poked him. It was very busy at that theater because Tuesdays are half off day....I will have to go to the movies more often on Tuesdays at that theater!
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