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This past Christmas was the first year in a very long time that Mom didn’t get calendars for my brother and me. That was okay because I usually end up getting a second calendar once they go on sale in January. Last year I had three: one from Mom (the last one she would ever give me), one I bought, and one I made on Shutterfly. Well, technically I had four because I had a digital Page a Day calendar. That started in 2014 as a fluke. As the 50% off calendar, I got one with different types of birds. There was an advertisement on the cover saying that inside you could get a free digital calendar, so, liking free things, I signed up for it. There were several options like quotes and cats or dogs, but I went with “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” because I enjoy geography. Everyday it would send me an e-mail of a location - whether a church or museum, beautiful scenery, or a person/animal in its habitat and say and describe what it was. A few months in, I started saving these pictures to my iPhotos. If you are subscribed, you can go on their calendar anytime to see those photos from any of the dates. I like the digital Page a Day better than the paper ones (which I haven’t used in a long time - I remembered I once had a Disney one). One major reason is you can’t look ahead, so it’s always thrilling to see what the next picture will be. (Yes, is really is the small things in life that give me joy!) By the end of the year, I had acquired over 300 photos and I ended up making a 2015 calendar through Shutterfly with it. I also did it this year with a 50% off coupon...haven’t received it, yet but hopefully soon.

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble with the notion of getting a half off Audubon calendar. That is the site that gives the free digital calendars. You have to buy a wall calendar, then put in the code. But when I went there, they didn’t have any of those calendars. A couple days before Christmas (not smart, I know!) I had gone to Barnes and Noble and I did see a couple of those calendars, but didn’t buy them cuz I’d rather wait for half price. I didn’t think they’d all be gone. Well, I was so upset that I went home and didn’t buy anything at all. I checked the website to see if I could buy a wall calendar there or just buy the digital calendar. Well, by some luck, I don’t really understand, it said I had one free digital calendar I could use so I was able to choose, for the third consecutive year, “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” and had them e-mail them to me. I was able to see the past four days of photos and I got an e-mail right after midnight so it did work! I have no idea how, but I’m very happy I’m getting my Page-a-Day calendar!

So I went back to Barnes and Noble today and got my 50% off calendar. It’s called Cathedrals. Lots of European ones featured in this one! I also had sixty dollars from Christmas money to spend and wanted to buy a cookbook. The one I had previously been eyeing was gone (or at least I didn’t see it), but it was probably for the best because I bought a much better one. It’s called The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez-Alt. I had heard him on a couple of podcasts talking about it so I was familiar with it. It’s 900 plus pages and it’s awesome. Lots of recipes, tips for food preparation and what kinds of utensils to use....can’t wait to really dive in and read it.

My happiness was a bit short-lived today because I couldn’t find my damn $25 iTunes gift card. I bought it about a week ago and was PRETTY SURE I had put it on my counter next to my laundry detergent, but maybe not because I went to get it and it wasn’t there! I have looked everywhere: in drawers, in cabinets, in all my desk drawers, in my coat pockets, in all my purses, in my car, in books I may have used it as a bookmark, even trash. I am positive I didn’t throw it away be I’m not the type just to sweep everything off a counter into the trash. I pick up each thing individually, then toss. Plus the card was still attached to the cardboard it’s glued on to before you detach it. Ugh! Why didn’t I put it in my desk drawer (yep, checked that too!) or put in the damn code even though I didn’t know what I was going to buy yet? I am so fucking stupid. I have no idea where this damn card is. Now I’m starting to doubt myself and wonder if the cashier even gave it to me at Target. But I do have recollections of seeing it in my apartment, and like, I said, I am PRETTY SURE I had put it on the counter on the right side. I bought the gift card with a Target gift card, so it was a special treat. It just makes me so mad because my resolution this year was to be more careful with my money and already I’m fucking this up! And we’re only five days in! This is great! I do still have my ten dollar Wal-Mart gift card (why couldn’t I lose that instead??) so I’ll just buy a $15 iTunes gift card with that. Still pisses me the fuck off! I just wish I knew what happened to it. I feel like I’m going crazy!
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