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This and That

I was having some issues with my Visa statements so Dad came over to help me out Monday before last. Mom also came since they were going to have lunch with the Wests after they saw me. What happened is that I missed a statement and didn’t pay it, but I didn’t know that because on my December statement, it was way more than what it added up to be. I figured that’s probably what it was, but they don’t tell you that! So I paid the full amount, but then when I got January’s statement, it said I owned $300 more than what it added up to be, so of course I was like WTF? and that’s when I called Dad and asked him to see what was going on.

While going through my Wells Fargo online statements, I noticed I didn’t have a “Thanks for your payment” for my November statement and looking at it, it said I owed about $200, although the statement said I owed $400! Grrr! I never miss payments! I may be late...not often, but I DO pay them, so I figured either I never got the damn thing or the mailman put it in the wrong box. I’ve gotten other people’s mail by mistake and I’ll just put it by their door. Dad called the credit card company and punched in my SS # and their was an automated voice that said I had a hundred something credit. I guess they had sent out my latest statement before they got my check covering the last two payments, plus the extra money I owed for late fees (grrr!), it left me with that amount. It seemed pretty small since I swear they overcharged me about $600, but Dad said it came out about right. He said I wouldn’t have to pay my January statement since it was already covered so hopefully I don’t get a statement saying I owe $10000! Hopefully it’s all straightened out now! What a mess!

Dad said he was halfway done with my journals and Mom was reading the first. I don’t regret giving it to them anymore as they seem to enjoy reading it, but it’s still a little embarrassing! Actually, it’s not as bad as I had thought. Dad likes reading about my cooking adventures.

I saw “Sisters” this past Monday with Cameron as he had the day off for MLK day. He texted me this morning and said he had some “exciting news” to tell me and called me this evening and told me that we could go on a cruise to the Bahamas in March 2017 for a pretty good price. I told him I was in (as long as air fare isn’t too crazy! That’s the only thing I’m worried about!) He has a friend who’s getting a group discount if they have 15 people and they invited Cameron and said he could invite someone and he said I was the first person he thought of! I was very touched by that! Of course, I’m also one of his only single friends, haha! But I’m totally excited. I’m glad it’s next March and not this March cuz that would be a bit short notice...this time we got time to plan everything and set aside a Cruise fund! So hopefully everything will work out with that. The last time I took a vacation was in 2013 when I went to South Carolina, so I think one is due!
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