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I worked all day yesterday because at least 3 people requested it off, but I didn't mind because I didn't have any plans for Valentine's Day (I never do!) and I got a few extra hours overtime. Nolan also worked and he said that at least it was a paid holiday and I had to burst his bubble and tell him that, unfortunately, we don't get time and a half for Valentine's Day! I certainly wish we did since I was working the full day!

For dinner, we had a candlelight and wine dinner. They had these fake candles that you turn on with a switch sitting at each table, but the problem was that they weren't really that bright and there are no dimmers in the dining room...the lights are either on or off. We first started off with opening the blinds and shutting off the lights (we just left the ones in the middle of the room on since it was a little too dark with all of them off!) But then the sun started getting down and getting in people's eyes so we had to close the blinds...I think eventually all the lights were turned back on. A few people from activities brought the wine and poured glasses for the residents and there were volunteers handing out boxes of chocolates and carnations. (Ray left his on the table so I took it home with me!) They probably had the best dinner they've ever had: stuffed beef tenderloin stuffed with a mushroom and apricot stuffing or a nice big piece of chicken cordon bleu (they occasionally have those, but they're usually only half the size), both with a baked potato and green bean casserole. For dessert they had cherry cheesecake and it was the really nice kind that was bought from a fancy bakery. There were plenty of leftovers so everyone working that night took home some food...I took home two and a half boxes! (The half was a small box for the cheesecake!)

Before we left we had to move everything away from the dishwasher area because starting today they are remodeling the area and putting in a new tile floor and new wall. All I can say is thank god because it's a total mess. There's water all over the floor and it's peeling off and it smells like a sewer. We have to use plastic stuff for two weeks and wash all the pans by hand in the sinks, but it will be totally worth it just to get that fixed!
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