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I work with this woman, Barb and I absolutely cannot stand her! Before I could just tolerate her, but she totally pissed me off. First off, I’ll give you a little background on her: she just turned 40 and has four kids (and she’s always bringing the assisted living place where we work all the time on her off hours...she came in with three of her kids and her husband (who looked really bored!) with a box of chocolates and was passing out all the chocolates. I guess you could say that was nice, but it’s just so nauseating how she has to hug every resident and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Ugh, she’s just so phony!) She’s a huge tattletale: she will tell on the stupidest little shit...for instance, she wrote a note saying that the wine glasses were in the wrong glass holder...who the fuck cares? Just move them to the right one. That’s what I do when I see a wine glass. Sometimes they get mixed in with the regular glasses when we have Happy Hour. Jesus Christ, it’s not a big deal. So she had to run and tell Stephanie (who didn’t say anything about it cuz even she knows that’s not a big deal!) She has also called in at least four times since Thanksgiving, and has been out sick three days for those four times. Who the fuck gets sick that many times in four months? Oh, and if you do ask her to stay a few extra hours of work when we need someone, she will always claim she has an appointment. Last Friday, I worked for Brooke in the morning. I was suppose to come in at 11:30 and Barb would leave then. I asked Barb if she could stay until 1. That’s when the lunch service ends, but she said she had an appointment. This is not the first (or second or third or fourth or fifth!!!) time she’s used the appointment excuse. How many fucking appointments can one person have?

So anyway, since three people had asked for Valentine’s evening off, Stephanie didn’t have enough people in the evening so she had asked Barb to work from 4-7. Oh. My. God. Even though we were super busy and did need the extra person, I wish Barb hadn’t agree to work.

First, she comes in and immediately starts complaining to Nolan and me about having to work on her day off and how she can’t work weekends because of her kids (I don’t know why her husband can’t watch them? And they’re all older than 8). She said that Stephanie had “guilted” her into working that night since we were short and she couldn’t find anyone else and that didn’t Barb want her hours since she was taking the next Friday off? Then Barb is saying she feels so sick (of course she does) and how she took six kinds of medication and nothing worked and then she tried to take a nap, but only got to sleep an hour before she had to be here. Oh, boo hoo, cry me a fucking river. So I tell her that if she helps us through service, then she can leave at six because we would be fine since we had Matt, who does dishes, and Shannon, the cook helps us clean up. And Shannon also said she could leave at six. And Barb seemed happy to comply to this.

So the dinner service goes very smoothly and everyone loves the food. It was really crowded, so it was actually helpful having Barb there. Then we ate and I thanked Barb for helping us (because I’m not a horrible person and this was before she fucking pissed me off!) and told her if she wanted, she could leave and she did. Oh, but not before she told us how she had just talked to Helen and her daughter and how they were going on and on about the photo that Barb took of them (she does photography as a hobby) and how every time they see Barb, they tell her what a beautiful photo it is and how much they love it and it’s their favorite photo...blah, blah, blah. God, shut the fuck up. LOL, after she left, I turned to Nolan and say, “Is it just me or does Barb like to brag a lot?” and he goes, “YES!”

Okay, so I had Monday off and that evening I get a text from Nolan saying he wanted to give me a head’s up and that Brooke had told him that Barb had snitched on all of us for eating and taking food home (which she did too, so what the fuck!) and how we FORCED her to go home and she didn’t know why! And a lot more shit too. Apparently, she had told all of this to Stephanie on Monday and Brooke overheard her and told Nolan.

When I came in today, Stephanie had told Mike some stuff that she heard about what happened on Sunday. I’ll go over each little thing that Barb tattled on us about. OMG, I hate her so much! I also had to have a meeting with Stephanie because of Barb, but I was just written up so it wasn’t a warning.

-Eating dinner. So there’s this stupid rule that says you only get one 30 minute break if you work 8-15 hours, but everyone (even the kids who only work a four hour shift) eats a quick 10-15 minute meal just because usually by that time we’re all starving and need a little fuel. It has never been a problem as everyone gets their work done in the allotted time and we never stay past our clock-out time. Also, nobody has ever TATTLED on Stephanie about it until fucking Barb worked. Looking back, it was very stupid of us to eat when Barb was there. When Steph told me about this, I played stupid and told her since I had worked that day from 7 in the morning and that Nolan had came in at 11, I thought we could have a second, smaller break. The hilarious thing was that Steph said it was the nurses who had complained to Carol (the executive director) about us getting a second break which is complete bullshit. Tonight, Nolan made a joke to Alyssa, a nurse, how they were mad we were getting to eat at night and she was like, “I don’t fucking care.” Ha! Exactly! Thank you! They don’t fucking care! Steph just didn’t want to say it was Barb, but I’m not stupid. Tonight, Nolan asked Shannon if we could eat and she just replied with, “I’m going out”. (She takes smoke breaks after service is over) Which was her way of saying, “I have no idea what you’re doing.” So of course we ate! I hadn’t eaten lunch anyway (wasn’t going to sit with Barb, plus I already ate before I got there).

-Taking food home. Ugh, this one really sucks. There would be so much food leftover, so sometimes we would take food home (and there would still be some leftover. It was a great when I didn’t have anything at home, plus I can save money when I don’t have to go grocery shopping. I told Stephanie I didn’t think they would mind since it gets wasted anyway (which is so true...just the other day Mike had to throw away a SHIT TON of food because it was past its three day expiration date. (He says they can only keep the food for three days before they have to throw it away). Stephanie said that if we took the food home and got sick from it, then they would be libel for it which is such bullshit. It’s not like I eat the food after it goes bad. But if they want to waste food, whatever. But it just sucks because I was saving good money by not having to go to the grocery store so much! I made a point of telling her that EVERYONE had taken food home that day since it was so delicious. (Yes, even tattletale Barb did!)

-Telling Barb to go home. Stephanie did not talk to me about this, but I was ready to tell her my side of the story if she did. Apparently, Barb was acting that we TOLD her to leave at six and didn’t tell her why? LOL, WTF? We didn’t tell her to leave, if she had wanted to she could have stayed until 7. I told Mike that she really should have offered to let ME leave at six since I was the one who had been there since SEVEN IN THE MORNING but she’s so selfish, of course she didn’t think of that. She acted like we literally pushing her out the door. If she had wanted to, all she had to say was she wanted to stay until 7. I thought I was being nice by offering to let her leave an hour early since she was BITCHING and MOANING about having to work that evening. Christ. We all knew she was going to take the offer because she never refuses an opportunity to leave early. NEVER. In fact, sorry, this is getting off track, but I must tell you a story that happened a few months ago. The scheduled had gotten a little messed up and Barb, Brittanie, and I were working the morning shift and Brooke was coming in at 11, so there was going to be four people. Usually someone goes home when the 11 person comes in, but Steph didn’t have anybody leaving. Barb was bitching about how she needed to go to the dentist (I swear, there is always something she’s complaining about: once it was an earache, another time sometime was wrong with her eyes...) Surprisingly she didn’t see the scheduling snafu until after Mike had saw it. He said he was going to let me leave early since I would be working all day tomorrow. It was only going to be Brittanie and me in the morning, so I asked Brooke if she would work the morning and then I would take her evening shift. So Mike said it was only fair that I would get out early that day since I’d be here all day tomorrow. Then Barb asks him if she can go home early because she needs to see the dentist and he says I was going home and she comes over to me and asks if I can stay so she can go and I’m like, “No, sorry.” What I should have done is tell her that if she wanted to work all day tomorrow, then she could have gone home early! No way she would have done that. The next day she tells me how the only time she could have gone to the dentist was right around I had left and laughed it off. Shut the fuck up, bitch. I don’t feel bad that you missed your dentists appointment...there are others you can make.

-Saying we don’t do anything on our task sheet. So we have these task sheets, which honestly, I don’t follow. I know what needs to be done, so I do that. When she came in at four on Sunday, Nolan and I had both been there all day so we had the desserts plated up, the salad stuff out, the drinks poured, and the coffee brewed. Barb is a strict follower of the task sheet. She kinda made a comment about how there was nothing for her to do, and I told her we don’t follow the task sheet, we just help each other out and do whatever needs to be done. Apparently she took this as me telling the younger kids that they don’t need to do anything on their task sheet and that we all run around wild in the evenings. I totally did damage control with Stephanie when she told me that a co-worked had “spilled the beans” about the tasks sheets. (Doesn’t take much to figure out who that was). I told her that we all help each other out and have “team work” and how I’ve never had a problem with the night crew and they all do their work and how great they are. (I mean, there are a couple who drive me crazy, but I don’t hate them like Barb!) I told her we usually have someone cleaning up in the kitchen, someone wiping down tables and setting them, and someone rolling silverware. She seemed very pleased by that and said just to make sure everyone sign off on the task they do. Barb thinks that you can only do the task that’s assigned to you, but my philosophy is, if everything gets done and is the way it should be, who the fuck cares who does it? Nolan told me he was once doing something, but Barb told him to stop because it was on Brooke’s task sheet and she needed to do that and Nolan says, “Uh, Brooke’s doing dishes.” Now when you’re doing dishes, you literally have time for nothing else so Nolan was being nice doing something from Brooke’s task sheet when she was busy with a much bigger chore. Who the fuck cares who does it (I can’t even remember what he said he was doing) as long as it gets done. FUCK, I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!! I just had to get that off my chest. Haha, I called Eric the other day and just vented to him about her. Oh, and nobody likes her except for Brittanie and Holly.
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